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What Are The Pros and Cons of Building a Website Using WordPress?

If you’re looking for affordable SEO services in the UK, then WordPress site development is probably the most affordable type of website design available. 

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that is popular among bloggers and business owners here in the United Kingdom. 

What Are The Pros of Building a Website Using WordPress?

As professional web designers, we’ve been asked many times if it’s better to build a website using WordPress or develop a website from scratch. 

Currently, most web designers prefer to work with WordPress because it’s a flexible CMS platform. 

WordPress makes it easy for a client to review and update any content on their site. It also has a number of free plugins that make it easy to customise a template with a client’s specific needs. New updates are released on a regular basis, which ensures the plugins and themes on your website remain fresh, secure and up-to-date.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Has many features that can help create a high-quality website.
  • It is free.

Cons of Building a Website Using WordPress

WordPress isn’t a simple drag and drop website designer as some sites might suggest. It’s a more complex combination of themes and plugins that need to work with each other as well as looking great on your site that needs to be assembled together to create a masterpiece.

While a lot of plugins are free or have freemium features, as your site grows you will need to upgrade those plugins to pro versions – this can be extremely costly. Especially if you need multiple paid plugins and a premium theme. 

Managing your own WordPress site could also mean your site is left open to hackers and security threats. If you do decide to manage your own site – be sure to check for updates and install updates as and when required. 


  • Requires more individual computer knowledge than other CMS.
  • Not all themes are free 
  • Not all plugins are free 
  • Free and freemium plugins have limited features 
  • Increased risk of security breaches 

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional to Design Your WordPress Website?

It would be difficult for me to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of building a website using WordPress without mentioning the importance of hiring a professional to design it. The design of your website is what will actually make it stand out and attract customers to your site. Professional WordPress web design is something you should really consider investing in. 

Hiring a professional to design your site might seem like a lot of money initially but it is worth it in the long run because web designers understand how WordPress works to make the process of navigating the site much easier for users. You can also get them to help you create a brand identity for your site which is important for making it memorable and recognisable to internet users. 

The design of the website is what is going to attract people to your site so it is worth it to know that your site will have a professional look to it.

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